Flexible PTFE Maternity Belly Button Rings from Belly Charms are the cute and comfortable way to keep your belly button ring during pregnancy.
Email from a satisfied customer:
I just wanted to thank you so much for creating belly charms. It is my first pregnancy and I have been feeling very thrown off by all the changes in my body. Being twenty-three and always a very thin build it has been very weird for me to see my stomach growing larger and having no control over it! When my beloved belly piercings (I have two) started getting uncomfortable and people kept telling me "you really need to take those out" I felt so depressed and like I was losing control of every aspect of my personality and body image! I love my belly button piercings and wanted to prove everyone wrong, that I could indeed keep them in! Then I discovered your website!

They came so quickly, within two days, and were just as adorable as the online pictures. It really gave me a sense of "I may be pregnant, but I dont have to change/lose EVERYTHING I like about myself!" I finally embraced that my belly may be getting bigger, but it can still be cute. Thank you so much for being an honest company and thinking outside the box and realizing there are some women who dont want to wear giant flowered house coats and leggings just because they are pregnant!
Sarah D.

Maternity Belly Button Ring Photos from Customers 

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